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Welcome to the 2023 SV PU Ladder Tournament hosted by rien and PU Rules! In this tournament, players will compete for a top spot on the ladder, and the top 6 from each cycle will then qualify for the playoffs phase. On top of that, qualifying will yield points for the official PU Circuit, in which players will compete at the end of the year for a chance to earn the coveted
PU Circuit Champion ribbon.

If your sign-up post does not follow the rules explained below, it will be ignored.

1. We will be using the regular Pokémon Showdown SV PU ladder for this tournament, not a new one. This will ensure maximum activity and competition.

2. YOU MUST SIGN UP WITH YOUR FRESHLY MADE ALT BEFORE STARTING BATTLES WITH IT. You will not be allowed to edit this alt after you include it in your initial sign-up for any given cycle. Alts are required to contain your forum name or a very similar variation/abbreviation of it.

3. Given that this is a ladder tournament, many of you are likely thinking there are ways people can cheat the system. Any person found cheating will be subject to strict punishments. Examples of cheating methods include, but are not limited to, ghosting and asking opponents to forfeit.

4. We use the ladder as-is, so any changes to PU tiering such as bans, unbans, GameFreak releasing new Pokémon, etc. will apply as soon as PS! is updated. If it's legal on the ladder, it is legal when laddering for PULT.

To further explain the tournament, let's take a look at the separate stages.

Stage One

During this stage, everyone wishing to participate will sign up with a fresh alt starting with the week's given tag. Similarly to previous editions, your rank will reset every week and you will be asked to sign up with a new alt. In this actual laddering portion of the tournament, players will fight on the Gen 9 PU ladder, trying to claim a spot in the top 6. Those who manage to claim one of the spots will be part of the playoffs phase. The two top players of each week will be seeded in the top 8, sorted by ELO whereas everyone else will be assigned a seed from 9 to 24 depending on which ELO they finished with. The #7 and #8 seeds of each week will be used as potential substitutes, should they be needed, and the order of substitutes is also determined by ELO. Note that qualifying seeds will be locked in on the cycle they first qualified in and will not be able to improve their seed in later cycles. While participating in later cycles after qualifying is allowed, it is nevertheless discouraged as to not cause other players confusion regarding the ongoing cycle's standings.

Stage Two

During the first round, seeds 9-24 will face off in a single elimination, Best-of-3 SV PU bracket, while seeds 1-8 will get a bye. The initial pairings will be based on seed with the #9 seed facing the #24 seed, #10 facing #23 and so on. During the second round, seeds 1-8 will get to face the winners of round 1 in a single elimination, Best-of-3 SV PU bracket. Stage two will culminate in round 5 where the top two players will battle it out for the title of the PU Ladder Tour winner.

If you wish to participate, sign up in this thread on a fresh alt starting with the tag PULT4LK (e.g. PULT4LK rien), using the following format. All games with alts using this tag will be public.

Here's an example sign-up post for you all to follow:
Forum name: rien
Week 4 Alt: PULT4LK rien
Does my alt for Week 4 contain my forum name or a very similar variation/abbreviation of it as required by the rules?: yes
The deadline for week 4 is Sunday, September 10th, at 23:59 GMT-4. The laddering period starts now.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to reach out to myself or rien . Have fun laddering!!!


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Does my alt for Week 4 contain my forum name or a very similar variation/abbreviation of it as required by the rules?: Yes

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